Ethical Dilemmas

Conferences and Pharmaceuticals

I am a cardiologist and order one particular brand of stents due to its quality. The company decides to sponsor me for an international conference due to my patronising their product. Whether or not they sponsor I will only order their product as it is a superior brand.

On Strike For A Just Cause

I work in a Govt medical college.


I work as an Obstetrician in a mission hospital.

Part-time work during PG studies

I am a student in my 2nd year of Post graduate training. I am the eldest of 3 siblings who are all studying.

Private Practice & NPA

I work in a government hospital and am given NPA (Non Practising Allowance) by my govt which is given to all Govt doctors in my state. But we often get invitations from private hospitals that also need doctors to take care of the patients.

Entitled for Reservation Quota ???

 became a disciple of Jesus Christ a few years back. After finishing my MBBS, I could not make it for Post graduation after a few attempts. Finally in desperation, I applied under the reserved category as a Hindu (using my earlier position) and made it.

Insurance v/s Integrity

I was in a busy afternoon OPD in the Medicine department last week. I had the relatives of a patient approach me to complete an insurance form as the patient had died two weeks ago due to pneumonia in our hospital. After his death the relatives wanted to claim insurance for it.

Exploiting the patients....???

I work with many patients who are terminally ill. I have heard people say that sharing the Gospel with a sick patient under our care is, “exploiting his vulnerability.” What is the right perspective?